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  Bone Black Carbon Black
Source: Charcoal animal bone, mill ground to size. Black fumed from the ignition of petroleum products.
Particle Size: 3-15 microns Measured in angstroms.
Very jet Low to very jet
Tint Strength: Low compared to carbon (function of particle size) High compared to bone black
Specific Gravity: 2.60 1.70
Oil Absorption: .55 ml linseed oil per gram of pigment 2.00 ml linseed oil per gram of pigment
Dispersability: Readily disperses in aqueous and oil based vehicles. Can be dispersed in high speed equipment. Wetting agents required when used in aqueous formulas. Difficult to disperse. Requires 3 roll mill, ball mill, or sand mill for proper dispersion.

Bone Black is not a direct replacement for Carbon Black. Rather Bone Black is a specialty black pigment used to color plastics, wood stains, paints, cement and mortar colors, coil coatings, artist colors, and coated papers when a dull matte finish is required.

Bone Blacks are non-hazardous, and are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for indirect food contact applications provided they meet specifications under CFR 175.300 (b) (1), CFR 174.5 (d) (1), CFR 182.1217, and CFR 182.8217 set forth by the Food Chemical Codex.